"The Westchester Summer Vocal Institute provides a young singer with everything needed to grow. It has a well-known, versatile and distinguished staff  with a truly positive, inspiring environment. The resources and connections that I gained through WSVI were integral in my development as a young singer."
Danielle Pastin, Soprano: Metropolitan Opera, Pittsburgh Opera, Santa Fe Opera
"Attending WSVI was exactly the boost I needed in my vocal progress. I came away from it as a new singer with a new outlook on performance. Everything was taught by top notch professionals in the field. This put me on the correct path for my career goal." Christin Kompar NYU  
"I found WSVI to be the ideal environment for the transitioning 
professional. Sherry Overholt and the amazing staff were so 
understanding and encouraging. The quality of the program was so
high due to the fantastic professionals involved that I got so much out
of my time there for many perspectives of my career. I highly 
recommend WSVI for any transitioning professional or student fresh
out of college." Jacquelyn Familant, 1st Place Winner: Classical 
Singer Convention, 2010, NYC

"Before WSVI I felt like I was attempting to hang beautiful 
paintings on walls that weren’t quite built yet, I feel this program 
helped me build those walls."
"To have so many “high-ups” comment directly on my singing was the eye-opening feedback that I needed. I feel that it also helped me with my options as far as filling my niche on the operatic stage."
"The quality of instructions was amazing. There was a great variety of styles and personalities. I thought it was really valuable to work with many people. I felt that I really made connections with a lot of important people. I think this was a good look into the real world of singing."
"I was really impressed with the information we received 
regarding all aspects of professional singing. The information 
was straight to the point without being discouraging or harsh. I am
thrilled to have connected with professionals in the business that I 
may not have had the opportunity to meet otherwise."

 "It offered much insight into my artistic and technical development
 as well as showing me what may be around the corner for in a very 
encouraging and instructive way. I feel ready now to accomplish
 that which I was hesitant about accomplishing before."
"I have improved so much in just a short period of time. I feel that  being able to be amongst amazing singers in the program also was  part of the learning experience.”
"Phenomenal, especially in lessons and coachings. I felt like everyone really knew my voice and what I needed to work on by the time I left, and I grew so much as an artist in just that short period of 
time. Again, I also felt like I had a much better grasp on the ins and outs of the business as a whole by the time I left."